Explore and Research Universities

Exploring different transfer options will expand your possibilities and increase the likelihood of finding the universities that are "perfect" for you. Use the links on the Explore Transfer Options page to learn more about the universities that catch your eye. You don't have to explore every possible option, just the ones that interest you.

Choosing Your Universities

At this stage in your process you are deciding on the universities you will apply to not which university you will eventually attend. Throughout your transfer process and generally in life you have to make decisions without knowing exactly what the specific outcome will be. Having confidence in the decisions you make is important. Making sound decisions requires a combination of information, experience, and trusting yourself. Think about which area or areas (Information, Experience, Trust Myself) will help you in choosing your transfer universities, then create your personalized Action Plans for each of the universities you are considering.

Information Action Plan

Experience Action Plan

Trust Yourself Action Plan 

You can also use My Perfect Universities Workbook to assist you in choosing universities.

Connect With University Representatives

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