News and Updates

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Academic School Year.  The Transfer Academy Team is eager to work with you.

Transfer Academy News

    • Individual appointments are available throughout the fall semester. To schedule an appointment with your Transfer Academy Primary Counselor, please follow these instructions.
    • The TA will offer virtual counseling for prospectiver Transfer Academy memers throughout the 2020-21 academic year.  The TA is offering online "Transfer Chat" where you can chat live via text with a Transfer Academy counselor 
    • The Transfer Academy will be offering Transfer 101: The Basics presentations throughout the academic year. All are welcome to attend. The Transfer 101 schedule will resume in October. 

Campus Information:  

    • TAG Webpage
    • September 1 - September 30, 2020
    • UC TAG Quick Glance GPA chart
    • Access the UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) -The TAP is a tool that helps you track your progress toward meeting UC's minimum requirements. The tool allows UC staff to communicate important information. Additionally, TAP is used to begin the UC TAG application and self-reported information can be imported into the UC application
    • The TAG application is open for submission through  Wednesday, September 30th at 11:59 p.m. 
    • The Counselor of the Day: Virtual TAG Assistance Kiosk is open during the month of September
    • The SBCC Step-by-Step UC TAG tutorial is available online 
    • Completed TAG Application Reviews are available through September 25th
    • UC-CSU Application Timeline for fall admission
    • UC and CSU Fall 2021 Admissions Application and Personal Insight Questions Webinar Schedule  
    • UC Campus Week: September 14 - September 17: These sessions will provide campus overviews and answer  questions regarding the admissions process 
    • UC-CSU Application Timeline for fall admission
    • Fall 2021 CSU Admissions Cycle is open for submission on October 1 - December 4 
    • UC and CSU Fall 2021 Admissions Application and Personal Insight Questions Webinar Schedule
    • CSU Campus Week October 5 - October 9.  Theses sessions will provide campus overviews and answer questions regarding the admissions process
    • 8 CSU's do not have campus impaction; thus, as long as you meet the minimum admission requirements, you can be admitted to the University.  Please note: major requirements/admission may vary and require additional classes, GPA, etc.

SBCC General Academic Information:

    • The last day to petition pass/no pass grading is September 25th
    • The fall 2021 course withdrawal deadline without a "W" and with enrollment/tuition refund is Saturday, September 5th.  Final withdrawal deadline with a "W" for a regular start/semester course is Friday, October 23rd

Course Information:

    • California Community Colleges open for Winter 2019/20 intersession; the list includes on-campus, hybrid, and fully online courses.  The 2020-21 list will be posted by mid-November
  • Transfer Limitations: There is a limit to the number of units for which UC grants credit - See and click on UC Transferable Courses - Department - Scroll to bottom of page for more information

    Duplication of Credit: UC will not grant credit for college courses in which the content duplicates material of a previously completed course or examination for which credit has already been granted, with the exception of the repeat of deficient (D/F) course grades. Information can be found at