Transfer Academy Membership

Membership in the Transfer Academy (TA) is based on your intent to transfer to a TAG (Transfer Admissions Guarantee) university. The Transfer Academy application is separate from the SBCC Admissions Application. An application is available via the web or may be obtained in the Transfer Center, SS 140. 

Students may apply for entrance to the Transfer Academy based on transferring fall 2021 or beyond:

    • An Educational Goal of transfer
    • A Transfer Plan goal of at least one TAG university
    • Completion of the college orientation and advising session

Step One - Complete the Transfer Academy online ORIENTATION outlining the program and membership application (embedded in the orientation shell).   

Step Two -  Schedule a virtual counseling appointment to meet with an Academic/Transfer Faculty Counselor in the Transfer Academy.  Upon completion of the online orientation in step one, an appointment link should be emailed to you within 48 - 72 hours.

***Students transferring fall 2021 are able to join the Transfer Academy up until Wednesday, September 30th.***

Stand-alone TA Application Resource - For students who already met with a TA counselor, but did not complete step 1 of the membership process:  

  • Transfer Academy Online Application - click the link and select the 'Fill a Copy' button. In the Google email section, you will need to sign in using your Pipeline username and password.  Additional online application instructions                                                                                                                 
  • Downloadable Transfer Academy PDF Application and email the completed form to

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