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Friday, May 8, 2020  
5 p.m. We will be hosting a Virtual Commencement Ceremony. 

The video will become active at 5:00pm Friday, May 8th. 

2020 Virtual Commencement

Join in the celebration! 

Commencement Information

SBCC Graduation Regalia Package and A La Carte Information.

A note from the Campus Store:
We have made the Gradfest packages available online for you to purchase. Gradfest pricing will be good through September 1st 2020. For SBCC regalia and all other graduation merchandise please order online at https://www.sbccbooks.com. Click shop and then click General Merchandise to shop all graduation merchandise. *All regalia purchases are final.

*All Promise Program graduates, you will be able to purchase package #1 through the Promise online and you will also receive a special Promise sash. Please contact lagunas@sbccfoundation.org for any further questions regarding purchasing regalia with your Promise Grant.  



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or email us at Commencement@sbcc.edu

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