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Student Equity Committee

Committee Charge

The Student Equity Committee is charged with creating, championing, and monitoring progress on SBCC’s Student Equity Plan. The committee writes the three-year plan and provides an annual report on the state of student equity to the College Planning Council. The three-year plan and the annual reports provide guidance to the Student Equity and Achievement Committee for prioritizing recommended allocations of Student Equity and Achievement funds. The Student Equity Plan details the key performance indicators of student equity to illuminate and center our student populations that experience persistent disproportionate impacts. The committee works with departments, programs, and the campus community to facilitate activities focused on removing barriers to success and eliminating inequity from students’ experiences at our College.




Roxane M. Bynre

Administrative Co-Chair (non-voting)
Brittanye Muschamp  Faculty Co-Chair (non-voting)




3 Student representatives appointed by ASG (voting)

Shelby Arthur

Chelsea Lancaster

Julio Martinez

3 Staff representatives appointed by CSEA (voting)

Andrew Gil

Donte Newman

Benjamin Reyes

3 Faculty representatives appointed by Academic Senate (voting)

Sachiko Oates

Claudia Johnson

Vanessa Pelton

3 Manager representatives appointed by ALA (voting)
 Elizabeth Imhoff Liaison from the Student Equity and Achievement Committee (voting)
 Pamela Ralston EVP (Advisory, non-voting)
 Elizabeth Imhoff FRC Co-Director (Advisory, non-voting)
 Margaret Prothero Guided Pathways Faculty Coordinator (Advisory, non-voting)
 Paloma Arnold Dean of Student Affairs (Advisory, non-voting)
 Kyle Rasmussen Veterans Service Coordinator (Advisory, non-voting)
TBD Director of EOPS (Advisory, non-voting)
 Luz Reyes-Martin Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications (Advisory, non-voting)
 Z Reisz Senior Director of Institutional Assessment, Research, and Planning (Advisory, non-voting)


Meeting Frequency

SEC meets twice monthly, typically on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month during the fall and spring semesters.

SBCC Student Equity Plan

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