Applied Music

Music 185 (Applied Music) is a 3 unit class where qualified Music Majors get private lessons for up to 4 semesters.


  1. All applicants must take or have successfully completed Theory & Musicianship (Mus 102/104 or Mus 202/204).
  2. All applicants must be currently enrolled in one Performance class.
  3. All applicants should be declared as Music Majors.
  4. All applicants will need to provide an audition video to determine elligibility for the program. Acceptance is dependent upon applicant performance level and available spots.

Audition Video Requirements:

  • An Audition video of about 1-5 minutes will be due on Thursday August 27th. You will be emailed an upload link no later than Wednesday August 26th. 
  • Do not wait for an email with the upload link to record your audition performance. Start working on it now!
  • The audition piece should be in the same style and on the same instrument as what you are hoping to study in Applied Music. 
  • Accompaniment tracks are availabe if your request is recieved before Monday August 24th.

If you are interested in signing up for Applied Music (Music 185 in the class listing), please fill out the form below: