Apply and Enroll

Steps to Enrollment

1. Apply to SBCC

Completing an SBCC application is the first step to getting started in the HIT/CIM Program.

NOTE: Please take the time to be sure that you are applying for the correct semester. For example, the application for the Spring semester is not posted until early October. The application for the Summer and Fall semesters is available in January. If you fill out the application for the semester that is currently in session instead of the next future semester, then you will not receive priority registration for the next semester.

In addition, keep in mind that if you sit out a Fall or Spring semester, you must re-apply for the next future semester in order to get a priority registration date.

Within one hour, you will be able to log into Pipeline, the student registration system. Go to 'Registration', then to 'Check Your Pre-Registration Requirements and Registration Appointment' (your student ID number is listed along with your name on the right hand side of the screen). This screen will show you whether you have holds on your registration (see below) as well as the earliest date and time that you will be able to register. Registration dates are posted in early to mid November for Spring registration and in late March for Summer/Fall registration.

Depending on the information on your application, you may be subject to holds on your registration. To clear the holds, you will need to do the following:

  • CLICK HERE to complete Online Orientation.
  • To clear the Class Planning hold, contact Gwyer Schuyler, Academic Counselor, Please reference your student ID number (K00...) in your email (the student ID number is available under Registration and Student Records on Pipeline). Gwyer will help guide you with your first semester class plan. Consider our courseload guidelines and include in your email how many units you would like to take.
2. Register for classes

For Fall, registration begins in early May for continuing students and the end of May for new and returning students.  For Spring, registration begins in mid-November for continuing students and in late November into early December for new and returning students.For Summer, registration begins around the third week of April for continuing students and the fourth week of April for new and returning students.To find your registration date and time (which is the earliest date and time that you can enroll), please check in Pipeline. Go to 'Registration', then 'Check Your Pre-Registration Requirements and Registration Appointment.'' Your registration date and time are usually posted there within three weeks of the beginning of the next semester. For more information, go to IMPORTANT DATES. Once your registration date and time are posted, look at the schedule of classes, choose the classes that you want to register for, and write down their CRN numbers.At your allotted date and time, log into Pipeline, click the 'Register for Classes' button and then go to 'Add, Drop and Register for Classes'. Enter the CRN numbers into the ADD WORKSHEET screen. Be sure to pay for the courses ASAP within Pipeline!

Please be aware that you will be blocked from registering in any courses for which you have not fulfilled prerequisites.

3. Pay for your classes

You may pay fees online when you register for classes in Pipeline. More information is available about payment options.

Several types of Financial aid are available, scholarships, etc..

4. Order your books

Textbooks will be available for online order approximately two weeks before the semester begins.