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Wait Lists and Add Codes

  • If a class without a wait list is closed, you will need to monitor the schedule for an available opening. Please do not email the instructor for an add authorization code.

  • Once a class fills, you will be able to add yourself to the waitlist, as long as there are available positions on the wait list. Please do not email the instructor for an add authorization code. If the instructor can add you, he/she will send the add code to you. For more info on waitlists, go here.

    During the drop/add period which extends through the second week of the semester, the College permits students to drop/add courses; however, the HIT/CIM department limits enrollments during this period. Depending on the courses, an instructor may add students from the formal wait list during the first few days of classes. Please do not email the instructor for an add authorization code - they will not be given out to students who are not on the formal waitlist. Our courses are content-rich, and students need to be ready with all textbooks and other course materials on day one.

    There may be very rare instances in which non-waitlisted students are issued add authorization codes. These are only issued when an administrative error impacted the student's ability to register for the course, or to reinstate a student into a course. Please exercise extreme caution when dropping/adding courses in Pipeline.

  • If you register for a course that has pre- and/or co-requisite(s) which you are completing this semester through SBCC, and you do not successfully complete the pre- and/or co-requisite(s), the system will drop you from the course once grades have been submitted.

  HIT/CIM Labor Statistics

The information below comes from the Labor Market Information provided by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) website
Health information Technology (HIT) and Cancer Information Management

May also be called: Clinical Data Specialists; Health Information Analysts; Health Information Management Specialists; Health Information Management Technicians; Health Information Specialists; Health Information Systems Technicians; Medical Record Technicians; Registered Health Information Technicians (RHIT)

Specialties within this occupation include: Health Information Coders, Cancer Registrars

Salary Information: The average salary for Health Information Technicians is $49,000. 

Outlook: Faster than average growth is projected for Health Information Technicians. Qualified technicians completing a two-year study program should be able to obtain employment easily.

EDD Occupational Guides: Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Summary Detailed