If the primary purpose of your visit to the US is to study, then you should apply for an F-1 student visa.

Get your F1 Visa

Get your F1 Visa

Check out this Study Guide to the States by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. It's fun and easy to read!

The link below also provides tips for applying for an F-1 visa.

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Maintain Legal Status

Maintain Legal Status

In order to maintain your legal status in the U.S., you must abide by Department of Homeland Security regulations for the F-1 student visa.

It's important to start familiarizing yourself with the F-1 regulations.

F-1 Regulations: A student's responsibility!

Must have F-1 visa, valid passport and Form I-20.

Maintain at least 12.0 credits per semester.

A maximum of 3.0 online credits or one online course will count towards the required 12.0 credits. English Language Program students are not allowed to enroll in any online courses.

Make "normal" academic progress by earning a 2.0 GPA each semester.

Obtain permission BEFORE withdrawing from a course that will result in being enrolled below 12.0 credits.

Maintain good attendance. Attendance is required to maintain legal status.

Follow the requirements on each course syllabus. Each professor provides a syllabus outlining the required assignments, attendance policy, and grading structure for his/her course.

Transfer students only: Must complete the school transfer process within 15 days of the start of the semester.

Enter U.S. address in your SBCC Student Pipeline account (assigned after acceptance) within 10 days of your arrival and each time you move.

Obtain permission from an SBCC Advisor/DSO for off-campus employment, internships, or any other type of work experience or business in the U.S. Unauthorized employment and internships of any kind are strictly prohibited without permission.

Obtain a signature on your I-20 from an Advisor/DSO before temporary travel outside of the U.S.

Obtain permission from an Advisor/DSO before studying part-time at another school while still attending SBCC.

Submit a copy of your flight itinerary to your Advisor/DSO before final departure from the U.S.

Depart from the U.S. within 15 days from the last date of attendance if you do not graduate or transfer to a U.S. institution; or within 60 days from your graduation date (ESL Certificate or Associate Degree).

Leave the U.S. if a violation of F-1 status occurs, or meet with an Advisor/DSO to apply for reinstatement to F-1 status if eligible. Advisors/DSOs are required by law to notify Department of Homeland Security of F-1 status violations.

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Working In the US

Working In the US

If you hope to get a job in the US, you may need to apply for a work visa.

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