Most of the international flights fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) rather than Santa Barbara Airport, although it is possible to fly into Santa Barbara. If your flight arrives at LAX, you can order a driver, take a shuttle or ride the bus. You can book your airport transfer online or call either one of the companies listed below.

Santa Barbara Airbus

The Santa Barbara Airbus makes several trips daily between Los Angeles Intl. Airport, (LAX) and stops at three different locations close to SB: Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and Goleta. Passengers arriving at LAX Airport should go to the Lower Level at LAX, where the Airbus drivers stop at each terminal at designated pick-up times and locations. Passengers should wait for the Airbus at the center island beneath the GREEN AND SILVER markers/signs announcing Buses and Long-Distance Vans.

For more Information contact:

Tel: 1-805-964-7759
Hours: Open 7 days per week from 7am-9pm
Price: 1 passenger - $54.00

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Airport Shuttle

If you choose to take the shuttle, you have two options:

1. A "Meet and Greet" service which is more convenient but more expensive
2. A bus-stop pickup which is more economical

"Meet & Greet" Service

Pick-ups are made upon request of the client. A Roadrunner chauffeur parks the vehicle in a parking lot outside the arriving terminal. The chauffeur then goes into baggage claim and waits for the client at the entrance, holding a sign with the client's last name. Once the chauffeur and the client have met, the chauffeur carries the bags to the car, helps the client into the vehicle, and drives the client to their desired destination.

Bus-Stop Pickup

Students can also make a reservation with Roadrunner and walk outside the airport to wait no more than twenty minutes for the bus to come by. Please contact Roadrunner for more information and price quotes.

For more Information contact:

Toll Free: 1-800-247-7919
Tel: 1-805-322-9031
Hours: Open 7 days per week from 7am-9pm

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