SBCC Orchestra Concert


All SBCC Music classes will be online for Fall of 2020, starting Aug 24th, including auditions for our Applied Music Program.

Go to: and select "MUS" in the subject to see a listing of classes.

  • Performance ensembles - we have some innovative software / hardware setups coming.
    • We're working day and night getting setup so we can have a fantastic fall semester. 
    • Jazz Big Bands, Jazz Combos, Chamber Music, Symphony, Concert Band, Choir.
    • It is more important than ever to sign up now so that you can help us properly allocate time and resources.
  • Techniques classes - these are also offered online.
    • Vocal Tech, Wind and Percussion, Guitar, Piano.
    • Please sign up now so you can get in contact with your instructor to co-ordinate details like equipment and instrument checkout.
  • Music History, History of Rock, History of Jazz - all offered online.
  • Applied Music - Individulal Private Lessons! To qualify, you must:
    • Enroll in music theory & musicianship (or have passed them previously)
    • Enroll in a performance ensemble.
    • Pass an Applied Music Audition. See the Applied Music page for an application.