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All in-person services are closed until further notice. 
The Cashiers office is available by telephone and email communications. Please include your student ID (K#) for faster service.  We will answer all inquiries in the order in which they are received.


Every effort is made at SBCC to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost. 

All fees listed are subject to change at any point during the year. Refer to the current SBCC catalog for more detailed fee and tuition information on courses.   If fees change for a semester after you have registered, you will be refunded or billed the difference. 

For more information on the individual fees, please review the following detailed list of mandatory student fees:

  • All students, resident and non-residents, must pay an enrollment fee of $46.00 per unit with no maximum amount.  Refer to the fees, below, or the current SBCC catalog for more detailed fee and tuition information on courses. All fees listed are subject to change at any point during the Catalog year. Costs for Books, Supplies, Housing and other tangible materials are not included in the costs listed here.  

    California residency status, for tuition purposes, is based on residency requirements established by the State of California, and determined by the Admissions & Record's Office upon admission to the College.  Students who qualify for a new resident status can apply for a change at Admissions & Records (see Reclassification Packet).

    • California residents: If you need help paying the enrollment fee, you may qualify for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG), formerly known as the Board of Governors Grant Waiver (BOGW). Apply in the Financial Aid Office (SS-210) before enrolling classes.
    • Out of State Students: Exemption from nonresident tuition is available to certain nonresident students who attended high school in California for at least three years and received a California high school diploma or its equivalent (AB 540). Contact the Office of Admissions & Records for more information.
    • International Students: International Students may have additional fees.  See international website for more details.
  • Nonresident Tuition applies to both domestic and international students who do not qualify as California Residents.  The nonresident tuition fees in addition to the state enrollment fee, all charged on a per-unit basis. For details on the fee exception per AB9 47, please click here.  Other exemptions for nonresident tuition may apply, such as:

    1. High school in California for at least three years and received a California high school diploma or its equivalent (AB 540). Contact the Office of Admissions and Records for more information.
    2. Some Veteran's and Dependents.  Please visit the Veterans Support and Resource Center for more information on qualifications and certification.
    International Students may have additional fees; visit the  International Student Site for more details. 
  • Per Ed Code §76355, the Health Fee is mandated by the State of California and approved by the Board of Trustees to be charged to all students enrolled in credit courses, including courses taken on campus, off campus courses and online courses.  Many health and wellness services are available free or at low cost through the Health and Wellness Office (SS-170) or through Ask A Nurse

    Santa Barbara Community College District exempts the following: dual enrollment students taking courses at their local high schools, incarcerated students, apprentices, and dependent children and surviving spouses of members of the California National Guard who are killed or permanently disabled while in the active service of the state.  The District also exempts any student who depends exclusively on prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination or organization.  Completion of a waiver, including officially documented evidence of such an affiliation is required.  If you need an exemption form, please go to Cashiers: Fee Exemption Forms or visit the Cashiers Office at (SS-150).  
  • Per Ed Code §76361, all students registered in an on-campus class are required to pay the transportation fee and may ride the Metropolitan Transit District (MTD) bus seven days a week. Beginning one week prior to the start of the semester, students ride by "swiping" their student ID when boarding the bus, with the exception of the Waterfront Shuttle. If your semester fees, including your Transportation Fee has not been paid, you will not be eligible to use your pass on the bus.  If you have paid your mandatory fees and your card is not functioning, please visit the Office of Student Life (CC-217). Students taking only off-campus classes will not be assessed the Transportation Fee. 
  • Per Ed Code §76060, this fee supports student representatives who state positions/viewpoints before city, county, and district governments, and before offices/agencies of city, state, and federal governments.  It was made possible by Assembly Bill 1358 and was voted and approved by the student body of Santa Barbara City College.  

    Exemptions from this fee are provided for religious, political, financial or moral reasons.  You may opt out of this fee during the registration process on pipeline.  If you have already paid the fee and would like a refund, please visit the Cashier's Office (SS-150) within the first two weeks of school for a refund. No refunds will be processed after this date.
  • Per Student Fee Handbook 4.4, this fee is only assessed to students registering for an on-campus class.  The Pass provides free admission to all men's home football and men's and women's home basketball games (regular season only), as well as select campus theatre and music events. It is also good for clothing discounts in the Campus Bookstore and for discounts at selected businesses in the community. Proceeds from this pass support Student Activities including Associated Student Government Initiatives, President's Honor Roll Reception, Outstanding Student Awards Reception, and Commencement.  

    You may opt out of this fee from your student "Pay My Bill" page on the Pipeline portal before paying your fees.  Students may only request a refund during the first two weeks of the term.  Financial Aid will apply to this fee. 
  • Per Ed Code §76365, some courses require additional fees for materials and/or supplies.  Please consult the class schedule; all such fees will listed in under "special fees".  Payment of these fees are due at the time of registration.  For an exemption from your course material fee, please visit: Cashiers: Fee Exemption Forms or visit the Cashiers Office (SS-150).
  • Per Ed Code §76142, the District shall charge international students who are both citizens and residents of a foreign country on an F-1 Visa a non-refundable fee of $75 to process the application for admission. This processing fee and regulations for determining economic hardship may be established by the Superintendent/President and is a one-time fee.

For more information on the individual fees, please review the following detailed list of optional student fees:

  • Per Ed Code Section §76370, persons approved to audit a course shall be charged a fee, to be determined by Admissions & Records . The fee amount shall be adjusted proportionally based upon the term length. 
  • Per Student Fee Handbook 4.4, the CampusCards are provided, free of charge, to all enrolled students at SBCC and are issued in the Office of Student Life.  Obtaining a CampusCard is optional but recommended. All students must have a valid CampusCard to use the following services: MTD Bus, Library Check-outs, Open-access computer labs, Athletic events and college performances. Some local retailers, as well as theme parks, offer discounted tickets with your valid student identification card.  The CampusCard is also a cash card for making on campus transactions.  For more information on use of the cash card and on-campus discounts, see the CampusCard website
    A replacement card will be issued twice before a fee is charged.  The replacement card fee is $3.00 and payable via your CampusCard.  Please visit your Pipeline portal to add money to your card. 
    • First Card = Free
    • Replacement Card 1 = Free
    • Replacement Card 2 = Free
    • Replacement Card 3 or more = $3 each card
  • Per Ed Code §76360, students who choose to purchase a parking permit are entitled to park a car or motorcycle in campus lots designated for students. Parking permits do not guarantee a parking spot.  After completing your registration, you can purchase a parking permit through the Pipeline portal at any time during the semester. Parking permits are valid sold by semester and each purchase includes a nonrefundable processing fee of $3.40.  A valid parking permit must be displayed from the vehicle's rear-view mirror at all times.  Parking without a valid permit or using a voided permit will result in your vehicle being cited or towed.
    • Fall/Spring All Day/Evening = $33.40
    • Evening Only = $18.40
    • Fall/Spring California College Promise (CCPG) Grants = $23.40
    • Summer = $18.40
    • Cardholder Dispute Handling Fee = $25
    Fee Name Fall  Spring Summer I and II
    Day and Evening Access $ 33.40 $ 34.00 $ 19.00
    CCPG (formerly BOGW) Discounted Permit $ 23.40 $ 24.00 $ 19.00
    Evening Only Access (after 5pm) $ 18.40 $19.00 $ 19.00
    For specific details on where to park, as well as information about available Electric Vehicle charging stations, carpooling, student incentive programs and alternative forms of transportation, please visit the Security Departments Parking and Traffic Information website
    • Unofficial transcript = Free via the student portal
    • First two official transcripts = Free
    • Each additional official transcript = $3
    • Priority Service (same day service, pickup by student with ID) = $8 plus transcript fee
    • Rush Service (Postal Deliver to Recipient) = $8 plus transcript fee
    • Electronic Transcript Delivered to College/University = $0 plus transcript fee
    • PDF Delivered to College/University = $0 plus transcript fee
    • PDF Transcript Downloaded by Third-Party Recipient = $0 plus transcript fee
    • Domestic Federal Express to main 48 states = $20 per recipient plus transcript fee
    • Domestic Federal Express to Alaska or Hawaii = $23 plus transcript fee
    • International Federal Express = $43 per recipient plus transcript fee
    • Handling charges for self-service kiosk orders = $2.45 per transcript
    • Additional surcharge for operator-entered orders = $15 per order
    • First Diploma = Free
    • Duplicate = $20
    • Returned check or ACH = $30
    • Returned Credit, Debit and Prepaid card payment = $30
  • Plans are available on an optional basis during Fall and Spring terms for account balances greater than $275. Plans are not loans and do not incur finance fees. 
    • Nelnet charges a non refundable enrollment fee of $25 per plan, per term.
    • Any declined payments due to insufficient funds or otherwise will be charged $30 by Nelnet. 
    • Enrollment fee refunds are charged a refund processing fee of $10, one time per semester, from a student’s enrollment fee refund..
    • Classes cancelled by the college will not be charged the $10 refund processing fee.

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