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Cost of Attendance

How Is My Financial Need Determined?

The federal government determines your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the information you provide on your FAFSA. This means that your contribution should be the same no matter what school you attend. Actual awards vary by school because of the differences in Cost of Attendance (COA) and available financial aid. This can be explained with the following calculation:

COA - EFC = Financial Need    

These are standard budgets, they do not represent the actual costs each student will spend.
We suggest each student develop their own budgets to be aware of their personal needs.

2019-2020 Fall and Spring Cost of Attendance

   Living with parents/relatives   Living away from home 
 Tuition Enrollment Fee* $1,288 $1,288
 Transportation Bus Pass Fee   $64 $64
 Health Fee  $42 $42
 Student Activity Fee  $10 $10
 Student Representative Fee  $2 $2
 Room & Board  $6,786 $15,084
 Personal Expenses  $3,564 $3,996
 Books & Supplies  $1,971 $1,971
 Transportation   $1,134 $1,278
 TOTAL  $14,861 $23,735
 * Non-California residents add $7,980 tuition cost per year for
full-time (14 units) students ($285 per unit)