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Where are you located?

We are located on East Campus at 721 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109.

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What is your phone number?

Our phone number is 001.805.730.4040.

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Need an SBCC transcript?

Follow the instructions at the link to learn how to order your transcript or check the status of your order.

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How to order an official SBCC transcript »

Do you need proof of your SBCC enrollment status?

To request proof of your full-time enrollment at SBCC, follow these simple steps:

First, check your Pipeline account to confirm that you are currently enrolled full-time (at least 12 credits). You should also check for any holds that may be on your account. You must be enrolled full-time and clear any holds before placing your request.

To obtain verification of full-time enrollment:

1. Make sure you are registered for at least 12 credits in the semester you need
verification for
(Waitlisted classes will not count towards 12 credits)

2. Fill out and print the "Authorization for Release of Information" form (see link below)

3. Print a copy of your Student Schedule/Bill

4. Submit the Authorization form and your Schedule at the Admissions & Records Office in
the Student Services building. Take your Student ID card or passport or California
driver's license/ID card with you.

**If you are in your home country or out of the Santa Barbara area, you may submit your request via e-mail. E-mail everything including a copy of your passport to Jorge Trujillo: jtrujillo5@sbcc.edu


You may print verification of your enrollment for past semesters and current semester if the Withdrawal Deadline has passed:

1. Login to Pipeline and click on "Student Records" in the menu on the right

2. Click on "Enrollment Verification", then click on "Enrollment Verification" again

4. A new window called "Clearinghouse Student Self-Service" will open. Under the first
option "Obtain an enrollment certificate" choose one: "Current enrollment" or
"All enrollment". Once you make your selection, click on "Obtain an enrollment
certificate" and print.

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Authorization for Release of Information

The semester has already started, but I need to go back to my home country. What do I do?

It's important to notify your advisor of your intention to return to your home country right away! If you do not inform your advisor, your SEVIS record may be terminated for a violation of your visa. This may cause you problems obtaining any type of visa for the U.S. in the future. It is also important to note that you must depart the U.S. within 15 days after you drop your classes. You will also need to follow these steps:

- Give a copy of your departure flight reservation to your advisor. You can bring a copy in to our office, fax it to (805) 965-0781, or email it directly to your advisor.

- If the withdrawal deadline has not passed, you must withdraw from your classes. Otherwise, your SBCC transcript may show failing grades for the current semester.

- If the refund deadline has not passed, you can apply for a refund by following the instructions at the link provided. Please note that the health center, transportation and student representation fees are non-refundable, and a $10 processing fee will subtracted from your refund.

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Refund requests »

How do I request a refund?

Refunds are not automatic. It is best to request a refund by filling out the Refund Request form at the International Student Support Program office (ISSP). Your advisor can help you determine your eligibility and check your Refund Request form for accuracy. If you do not place a request for a refund, the amount of money owed to you will remain in your student account for use in the following semester.
For more information on applying for a refund, visit the Cashier's refund page.

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Refund Request form »

How do I change my major in Pipeline?

To change your major or program of study in Pipeline, download the document below and follow the instructions. If you have questions about which classes you should take to complete your program of study, meet with an Academic Counselor in the International Office!

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Change my major instructions »

California Driver's Licenses and ID cards

International driver's licenses are not accepted in California if you are an F-1 visa student. Police officers and highway patrol officers can give you a ticket for driving without a California driver's license.

If you don't plan on driving, you can apply for a California ID card to use as official ID while you're in the U.S. Keep your passport in a safe place instead of carrying it around on a daily basis.

To get started on your application for a driver's license or ID card, go to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) web site for information, to find DMV office locations, and to make an appointment.

The basic steps to apply for a driver's license are listed below. Refer to the DMV web site or make an appointment at the local DMV office for specific details and instructions.

1. First time applicants – written exam + driving test

2. Study the CA Driver’s Manual & sample tests

3. Obtain social security ineligibility letter from the Social Security Administration office on Figueroa Street in Santa Barbara. They need to see your I-20, visa and passport.

4. Make an appointment with the DMV

5. Take the written test

6. Take the driving test (not required if you have a driver's license from another U.S. state)

The basic steps to apply for a California ID card are listed below. Refer to the DMV web site or make an appointment at the local DMV office for specific details and instructions.

1. Obtain social security ineligibility letter (visit the Social Security Administration office in the Paseo Nuevo shopping center with your I-20, visa and passport)

2. Make an appointment with the DMV

3. Fill out the application, give your thumbprint, have your picture taken, pay the fee

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Department of Motor Vehicles »

Where can I find legal assistance?

SBCC offers access to an attorney for FREE legal education and advice to SBCC's currently enrolled students. The attorney is located on the main campus in the Office of Student Life (CC-217) on Fridays from 1:30 - 4:00 by appointment, and drop-ins are seen if time permits. Students can call (805) 730-4062 or email collinsa@sbcc.edu, to schedule an appointment.

The attorney can speak with students about criminal matters, landlord/tenant/roommate disputes, consumer issues, family law, traffic tickets, personal injury, credit/debt problems, small claims, and other areas of law. The service is not available for students experiencing an issue with another student, or with the college. Contact the Office of Student Life to schedule an appointment today.

Be sure to tell the attorney you are an F-1 visa international student so they can advise you accordingly. Always ask questions about F-1 visa issues at the International Office where the Advisors have expertise.

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How to Crash a class?

Are you trying to get into a class that is closed? You may need to crash that class. Read this PDF for an explanation of how to crash a class along with some tips that may increase your chances of getting an add code!

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How to Crash a class »

Need to Order an Official Transcript?

To request an official SBCC transcript of your courses and grades:

1. Register in at least 12 credits for the upcoming semester (unless you are ending your studies)
(Waitlisted classes will not count towards 12 credits)

2. Order your transcript in Pipeline: Login, Click on 'Student Records', Select 'Order
Official Transcripts' to start your order

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How Do I Order Express Shipping from Santa Barbara City College?

Requesting your immigration documents through express mail is at YOUR expense and your credit card will be charged upon requesting the service.
You may request shipment either to your foreign address or to a U.S. address.
If your requested documents will be sent to a U.S. address, please include the name of the person who lives at that address.
You must use the Web site provided below - do no go through DHL or FedEx directly.
To request express mailing of your documents, go to the following EShip Global Web site:

1.) http://study.eshipglobal.com
2.) Click on the "Sign up" button under the Students Section
3.) You must fill in the "Reference/Comment" field with the name of the
documents you are requesting (i.e. I-20 Travel Signature)

Depending on the document you are requesting, processing may take up to 10 business days from the date your request is approved until the day your document is shipped. Shipping time estimates provided by eShip Global reflect how long the document is expected to be in transit from the time it is mailed.

If your mailing address changes after the time you first enter your information into eShip Global (i.e. you want your document sent somewhere else), you must log in again to make the update.

Information You Will Need for eShip Global

You will be required to create your own user name and password in order to create an account. To request shipment, you will need your ID number, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number and credit card information.
Please pay close attention to the information submitted, as errors in the credit card information or submitting incorrect or incomplete address information will result in a delay in the mailing of your requested documents.
If you experience any difficulty in registering and processing the shipment, please use the "Help" link in the site for step by step instructions.

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